MUsic Ministry

MUsic Ministry

Sunday, April 15, 2012

SVW Uniform Color for April 2012

for April 2012Apr 06 - Red Plain
Apr 13 - Pastel Red
Apr 20 -Blue
Apr 27 - Violet

Will there be a celebration in hell for you?


Satan has his eye on you. He’s watching you closely. He wants you. He wants you to join his army. He wants to own your soul.
Satan rules the world. We see it all around us. He tempts us with worldly things. He hopes we will take the bait.
He looks for the cracks in our armor. He wants to drive wedges between us over things of little lasting significance. He can even use God’s Word to his purpose. He does this when we find division in our interpretations of God’s Word to the point where it causes division among us, hurt and doubt.
The success of the Roman Square was that the legionnaires stood shoulder to shoulder, both protecting one another from the enemy and greatly increasing their strength on the attack. Together we can form a great force against satan in this world, both defensive and offensive.
We are charged in the Great Commission to be offensive in witnessing for God. The world forces us to be defensive as well.
While we can debate our interpretations of God’s Word, we still must stand together. We have too many situations that cause division. Let us all keep the ultimate goal in mind, working for the glory of God and the defeat of evil in our lives. Let our voices stand united in this, let them be loud.
When our earthly lives come to an end, there can be two kinds of celebrations for us in hell.
The first can be a welcoming celebration. It would be satan’s victory celebration. He has won us… for ever. If you are here, this is not the celebration you want.
The other celebration could be that you are no longer among the earthly living. The celebration will be that one of God’s warriors has departed the earth to live in the Kingdom. One less warrior for God that chips away at satan’s rule here on earth.
For this latter celebration, we can’t be timid or passive. We have to stand for what we believe and stand up for what we are called to be. So far as satan’s concerned, we don’t really want to slip quietly into heaven.
We know we can’t earn our way into heaven. but maybe we can earn a celebration in hell when we arrive in the Kingdom!
It’s a choice…