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MUsic Ministry

Monday, March 19, 2012

I have no time for God

I don’t have time to do my bible reading or devotional reading…really? But you have time for TV and Facebook and a whole host of other time-wasters I bet.
I don’t have time to pray. Ok…but I bet you have time to text someone, read the paper and watch the news. You have time to be on the phone…
I’m too busy to go to church each week. Uh huh…busy doing what exactly? You can’t give God an hour or so of your time to worship and listen to some biblical teaching? Be serious.
I don’t have time to help at church. And the rest of us do? We that help are just as busy as everyone else is.
If you don’t have time for God, it is because you choose not to have time for Him. We all make time for what is important to us. There really is not an acceptable excuse for not spending time with God. If you are a believer, then you need to be spending time with your Lord.
Think about this…
What if God was to busy, He did not have time when…

  1. You are praying
  2. You called out to Him for salvation
  3. You are worshipping, and the Spirit never shows up
  4. You throw up a “hail mary” to heaven in deepest need
  5. You are first seeking Him out having heard good things
The list could be endless here, but you get the idea. Just think about all the many times you need God, including the times when you did not call out His name…but He was there to protect you, maybe bring healing to you. What if God just decided that He was simply to busy to listen to you?
When we don’t spend time with God, we are saying to God; “God, you are not that important in my life. I don’t really need You all that much”.
We can’t throw God a bone every now and again like He is a dog and expect that to be ok.
The dog might like that, but God does not. God wants interaction with us each day, not on occasion.
God wants our attention, every day! Not just when we feel like fitting Him in, not when it works into our schedule…every day. Don’t make excuses why you can’t spend time with God, make time to spend with God…period.
If God saved you from the lake of fire, and He did if you are saved, then He deserves to have your time. God gave up His Son, so you could have the life you do…shouldn’t you give Him some of your time?
Just as your parents love you, God loves you because you are His child. He wants to talk with you, listen to you. Spend some time each day praying, and reading His Word. Go to church regularly; help out at church with something. Worship the Lord and give thanks, praise His name…after all, where would you be without God?
God has invested much into you; He saved you from an eternity in hell by giving up His own Son. He continues to be patient with you even when you make mistakes. God wants you to succeed, not in the way the world does, but in the way that Jesus taught us. The more we follow Christ and His teachings, the better off we will be. Following the Lord is a blessing, as we do so, we will be happier and more satisfied in our lives.
Invest your time in God…the rewards are huge

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